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Executive Placements
Our Executive placements division offers the following services;

  • Executive recruitment and placements
  • Psychometric assessments using paper based and virtual assessment tools
  • Background and references checks (includes qualifications verification, FCB, Police and 
Interpol clearance)
  • Labour broking
  • Recruitment and placement of temporary staff
  • Candidate screening and shortlisting services
  • Recruitment adverts design and placements
Organisational Transformation
  • Our Organizational transformation unit offers the following services
  • Restructuring and job evaluation using HAY, Castellion, SST, IPE, JE Manager, Patterson, Peromnes and London burrow.
  • Competency framework design and implementation
  • Competency and skills audits
  • Design and implementation of BSC and RBM performance management systems
  • Design and implementation of change management frameworks
  • Business process mapping and procedures documentation
  • Design and implementation of integrated talent management frameworks
  • Design and implementation of employee value propositions (EVPS)
  • Development of conditions of service
  • Business process improvement
  • Organizational culture, climate and engagement surveys
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Remuneration structure and policy design
  • Succession planning
  • Work study and work measurement
  • Manpower requirements definition
People First!
  • Organizational design and workforce planning
  • HR strategy development facilitation
  • HR Audits
  • Establishment of strategy management units
Research and Strategic Information Services
Our strategic information services unit offers the following;

  • National market and sector specific remuneration surveys
  • Non-Executive Directors remuneration surveys
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Baseline surveys
  • Industry competitive analysis surveys
  • Staff satisfaction surveys
Management and Leadership Development
  • Our management and leadership development unit offers the following
  • New Managers Development Program
  • Senior Managers Development program
  • Strategy Execution Master class
  • Management and Leadership coaching and mentorship programs
  • Interviewing skills training
  • Customer service excellence training
  • Building high performance teams training
  • Balance Scorecard performance management system design and implementation
  • Workers Committee training
  • Industrial relations management training
  • Change management training
  • Business process improvement training
  • Dynamic executive secretarial development training
  • Report writing and minute taking skills training
  • Risk management training
  • Occupational Health and safety training
  • Wellness champions training
  • Job evaluation and grading training
  • Closing the deal Executive Sales Development program
  • Finance for non-finance manager training
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